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5060 W. 5200 S

Rexburg, ID 8344

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should I choose?

Choose the Level, Dates and Time that fit best with your schedule.  

Levels are dependent on age and how comfortable they are in the water

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Parent & Child

Parent and Child Aquatics is a unique course designed to teach children ages 6mo - 3yrs how to be safe in, on and around the water, how to control their breathing, explore buoyancy and will gain muscle memory while practicing the strokes and kicks with you right by their side.

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Preschool Aquatics is for Little swimmers ages 3 - 5 years old.  They range from timid little swimmers (preschool A) with no experience to swimmers with no fear but need to learn the basics (Preschool B), to swimming on their own without support (preschool C).

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Beginner swimmers are 6+ yrs. Level 1 might be timid in the water with little to no experience. Level 2 is familiar with the water and has little fear, they will go under the water but may need support with swimming on their tummy or back. 

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Intermediate swimmers are beginning to look like little fish in the water. Level 3 can float, glide, and use their arms and legs in combination with out support. Level 4 can do all that plus enter the water by jumping in, knows scissor kicks, floats and preforms front and back strokes.  

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Advanced swimmers are Full fledged Merfolk and are able to swim the width of the pool using turns and several different strokes including breaststroke, sidestroke, front and back crawl, and butterfly. They also are able to do several different types of dives and survival swimming.

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Pirates and Mermaids Swim Academy

Dodie, owner and founder, has worked in the aquatics field for 17 years now and dreamed of a time when she could build her own pool to offer swimming lessons and many other aquatic activities to the community. What started as a wish and a prayer is now a fully enclosed swimming pool. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or at an advanced level looking for the right instructor to help you excel, we offer a wide range of lessons at every stage and for all ages. What are you waiting for?

Great environment, happy kids, and fantastic teachers! It's a wonderful place for you to take your children to learn to swim.

Kobie Jo

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