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Water Safety Instructor Course

Water Safety Instructor Course


American Red Cross WSI Course

An opportunity to arm yourself with skills that could help save a life someday, your friends, family members or complete strangers. This course also allows for additional certification to add to your resume.

The American Red Cross has been saving lives for over a century. As you go through the course you will learn how to teach individuals to be safe in, on and around the water!

This course is divided between online content as well as in person Skills reviews and assessments. There are final written exams and skills assesments that an 80% score or higher is required to pass the course.


Prerequisits are as follows:

Swim Front crawl 50 yards

Swim Back Crawl 50 yards

Swim Breast stroke 50 yards

Swim Elementry Backstroke 50 yards

Swim sidestroke 50 yards

Swim Butterfly 25 yards

Tread water for two minutes

Feet first surface dive


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